A Never-ending Quest for Quality

    At Taché, quality is not just a characteristic; it is the cornerstone of everything we do. With precision, determination and dedication, we select nature’s purest treasures and enrich them with years of expertise. The outcome? Exceptional diamonds for our cherished clientele. Because they deserve nothing less.

    Providers of Solutions

    Through years of forging intrinsic and enduring relationships with our clients, we have learned to cater for their needs and understand their DNA. We offer unwavering reliability through a set of bespoke and tailor-made solutions.

    Our Mission is Innovation

    Through proprietary innovation, research and cutting-edge technologies, we have shattered norms, redefined reliability and infused transparency into the diamond supply chain.

    Responsibility Redefined

    A sustainability company prioritises the well-being of its employees and respects the broader communities and natural environment it operates in. As an impulse for impact, Taché partners with CSR initiatives and local charities to steer our industry’s commitment towards achieving ESG goals.

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