At the heart of our activities lies a genuine commitment to our employees, the communities we serve and the world around us. Those three pillars are the foundations of our sustainability drive.

In everything we do, we take the necessary steps to…

Happify Our Employees

At Taché, we are more than a team; we are a close-knit family. Built on respect, communication and collaboration. Our culture fosters individual strengths and shared goals. This strong bond is what fuels our success.

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Empower Communities & Encourage Change

Throughout the years, we have supported various none-profit organisations, embodying our commitment to positive community impact. With time, grew a need to back charities with more tangible, on-site impact and launch our own game-changing projects. That is how Taché Foundation was born. Our efforts create meaningful, lasting change in the areas we operate and the lives we uplift.

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Protect the World Around Us

As a family business, we value what we leave behind for the future generations. We strive to preserve and protect our environment, all in pursuit of a greener, more sustainable and ultimately brighter future for all.

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Comply with Certifications & Standards

From mine to retail, we are committed to responsible and ethical human rights, social and environmental practices.

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