Our company structure is meticulously designed to source the finest natural diamonds, ensuring each piece reflects the inherent splendour of our world. From upstream exploration to downstream design and crafting, every department collaborates seamlessly to deliver perfection to our customers. Partnering with premier jewellery brands, we strive to unveil timeless treasures that capture the essence of beauty itself.

Melee Diamonds

Supplying small-cut diamonds of unrivalled quality, our Melee Diamond Department sets the highest standards in terms of personalised services, traceability, logistics and packaging to guarantee the operational excellence expected by all our customers.

Our Melee Diamond Department continues to expand beyond the major high jewellery houses, offering its services to new horizons such as the watchmaking and fashion sectors.

Certified Diamonds

In our Certified Diamonds Department, we are committed to offering our clients diamonds of the highest quality.

Our mission is to supply exclusively certified merchandise that meets the most stringent requirements of the major jewellery houses.

With an international focus, our Certified Diamonds Department continues to expand its geographic presence to serve a diverse range of customers who share our relentless pursuit of quality and excellence.

Exceptional Diamonds

The Exceptional Diamonds Department is dedicated to the extraordinary, to stones of great size and rare beauty.

In the quest for unique gemstones, we play a crucial role between the mining sector and the world of high jewellery.

With an approach based on tailor-made services and solutions, we are highly recognised as a partner of choice for large-scale projects, enabling us to create the finest products for exceptional collections.


We source our rough stones from primary miners exclusively, guaranteeing the reliability and traceability of every manufactured diamond.

Our Rough Diamond Division manages the sourcing,
by-product sale, marketing and investment activities around rough procurement.


With our extensive network of specialised factories, we ensure unmatched precision in polishing stones to our customers’ exact specifications and needs.

Committed to our ultimate objective, we meticulously craft each diamond to reveal its innate beauty, delivering unparalleled excellence in every creation.

In house R&D

Throughout the years, our R&D department has developed proprietary technologies to address the industry’s demand for efficient solutions.
Meet our naturality checking solution that ensures a strict zero-tolerance policy: It is the only machine on the market that individually and automatically identifies stone types – no matter their size or shape.

Experience precision with our Fluting Machine: 10x more accurate and 5x faster than manual methods, ensuring error-free, accurate diamond sizing.

Dedicated Atelier

With highly qualified expertise specialising in working with the great houses of fine jewellery, our Atelier combines both a diamond-cutting and re-cutting service and a complete range of production and after-sales services for the jewellery industry.

With a range of personalised services tailored to the specific needs of each customer and special attention to every detail, our Atelier meets the expectations of the sector by offering geographical proximity, optimum accessibility and genuine carbon neutrality through the relocation of production to France.

Development & Venturing

At the helm of pioneering projects and initiatives, we lead the charge upstream and downstream of our supply chain.

From direct investments in mining ventures to enhancing jewellery manufacturing capabilities and delving into industrial diamond activities, our diverse portfolio spans the entire spectrum of diamond-related endeavours.

With a bottom-line focus on enhancing customers’ experiences, we spearhead projects aimed at refining our supply chain, optimizing efficiency and developing groundbreaking solutions tailored to our customers’ evolving needs.