Annual Review of 2021

Ethics – Compliance and Standards

The Taché Group as a whole, as well as each of its entities individually, continuously strive to uphold the highest industry standards. Taché France SAS, Taché Company NV and Taché Diamonds Botswana (Pty) Ltd are due to complete their RJC re-certification audits against the CoP 2019 standards.

Supply chains have taken a severe hit during the last 24-months as a result of Covid-19. More than ever, we have a responsibility to take a hands-on approach and ensure that we manage our supply chain carefully and with a long-term view. Our actions today will shape the supply chain of the future and the life-cycle of the raw material we source.
The group, including the above stated entities have all conducted due diligence exercises on their supply chains, including on human rights and potential adverse impacts; and have not identified any red flags. These entities, along with the Group, integrate the core of RJC CoP 2019 standards through internal reviews of policies, procedures, and practices. All of which are verified annually through client audits and internal reviews, as well as independent third-party audits every three years.

Upholding the highest industry standards and ensuring the resilience of our supply chain in the long- term is paramount to The Taché Group. Transparency towards our stakeholders is a key element in achieving this. Each of the group’s entities annually undertake a financial audit by a third-party independent and qualified financial auditor.
The Group wide CSR policy, supply chain and sourcing policy are endorsed by senior management and act as guideline towards our stakeholders in how to adhere to our business principles.

Ethics – Social

The Taché Group’s communities linked either directly or indirectly to the Group’s supply chain are key to sustaining it. The Taché Foundation was unveiled in 2021 with the vision of further enhancing the Group’s efforts to track & measure the impact of all of its diamonds in the communities in which it operates. The Taché Foundation had notably engaged in two projects in supporting Gender Based Violence and Sustainable Community development in Botswana and Lesotho respectively.

Ethics – Environmental

Given the increasing importance of environmental responsibility, the Taché Group has embarked on measuring its carbon footprint in. Taché Company NV, Taché France SAS and Taché Diamonds Botswana are all part of that scope.