Our Heritage as a Charm

During the Ottoman empire and after its abolition, right up until 1948, The Taché family owned a humble jewellery shop within the bustling souk of Damascus, Syria. Joseph Taché managed the establishment alongside his son Jacques Taché.

The winds of change were soon to sweep their lives. After relocating to Beirut in 1948, Jacques ventured in the world of rough diamonds trading, which brought him eventually to Antwerp, the renowned diamond capital of the world.

The year 1957 marked a pivotal moment in the Taché family’s history. Jacques founded Taché Company NV in Antwerp. Joined by his sons, the company started expanding its presence worldwide.

Over the years, Jacques was joined by his four sons, who carried forward the family’s passion. Their dedication bore fruit. In the 1960s, the group rapidly expanded its presence further in key global diamond hubs, laying the groundwork for its international reach.

As the 1970s dawned, Taché’s aspirations reached new heights. They set up their first manufacturing entity in Antwerp and secured a Sightholder status with De Beers. This signalled the beginning of a new era for the group as it joined the ranks of the world’s elite diamantaires.

Fast forward to the 1980s, the Taché Group established itself as the largest importer of polished diamonds from the USSR. Soon, Taché’s name would be associated with distributors of high-end quality diamonds. During this decade, the group was awarded another De Beers Sight, following the inauguration of its second manufacturing facility, this time being in Johannesburg. The factory became the largest polishing entity of South Africa with a workforce of 300.

The 1990s brought further expansion with Taché spreading its manufacturing prowess to Armenia, Russia and Malaysia. This expansion ensured a solidified position as a versatile manufacturer catering to all sizes of the diamond industry.

In the new millennium, Taché started recognizing the importance of beneficiation and in a strategic move, opened a factory in Botswana. This decision was rewarded with a third De Beers sight, a pioneering testament to its commitment to responsible practices.
Reflecting on these four transformative decades, Taché had evolved into a master of supply procurement, ensuring steadfast distribution of high-end products to their clientele.

From 2010 onwards, Taché embarked on a strategic transformation driven by the pursuit of excellence. With a focus on elevating its brand, Taché started offering premium products together with exceptional services to the luxury brand segment.
The group’s dedication to innovation took it far beyond the ordinary. Investments in proprietary R&D technologies helped mark its transformation from a global diamond trader into a distinguished luxury brand supplier.

Today, after this remarkable journey of excellence, Taché proudly stands as the partner of choice for most luxury brands. It strives to be the Brand behind the Brands, a testament to Taché’s unwavering dedication and vision it defends.